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ENDEAVOR - A teenage boy escapes his tumultuous upbringing and embarks on his childhood dream, leading him on a journey in the middle of the ocean.

I portray Dante

Phoenix Run Webseries - Taking place in the near future where the world has survived a global infection, everybody is infected with a deadly virus and needs a special vaccine to stay alive or die and turn into something Inhuman.

Premiering at Comicon Portland this is an awesome webseries I worked on .  Here's the trailer


An Appointment with Mr Vield- Samantha is a teenage girl who has been forced to deal with situations, which have made her wise far beyond her years. She's had to watch her mother spiral out-of-control while addicted to the drug meth. Lost a baby brother to CPS as a result. And blames Mr. Vield (Simone Leorin) for both. As a result, she turns to a rather unusual solution for how to eradicate him from her life.

Z Nation - Cassandra and Murphy visit the botanical labs to check out the so-called herbal cure.

A lot of fun on the set of Z Nation Season 2 Episode 4 "Batch 47" where I portray Skull Zero

GRIMM - After surviving a wesen ambush from a terrorist cell known as the Black Claw, Nick discovers "Juliette" is still alive, but learns what Chavez and Meisner were doing to her. The group interrogate Xavier. The group soon learns these attacks go beyond Portland. An attack occurs at the Wesen Council where I portray the Italian Council Member 

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Phoenix Run Webseries


Z Nation